January 29, 2024

Forget the time when you last washed your dishwasher with great effort. Keep your laundry front-load washer as famous as it is for its being overly stinky. Let your fridge be filled with rotten food for as many days as you can. This would be your best recipe for bringing the most offensive stinks in and enjoying a home that smells as filthy as you can ever imagine. And to make it more delicious, opt for an air freshener that can damage the health of your entire household.

Whether you like this recipe or not, we’re quite sure that there is something that doesn’t love any stink and never lets it stay in your lovely home. Yes, these are essential oils. Let a few drops win the battle against off-putting home odors and help them slay the stench within a matter of minutes.

Essential oils

A Good Approach to Choosing and Using Essential Oils

Well, first thing first – to extract much more out of essential oils, you need to be aware of how to best handle these oils. So, here’s the thing:

How to Choose Essential Oils?

  • Quality Insurance – Buying essential oils purely means buying something that is in its genuine condition. No one can guarantee that the essential oils you’re going to buy are not filled with artificial fragrances and other synthetics, so always make sure you’re choosing a trusted brand that offers 100% pure yet pocket-friendly essential oils.

How to Use Essential Oils?

  • Diffusers – These are the devices designed for the sole purpose of getting in touch with essential oils. They work by converting the tiny little drops of essential oils into a shower-like form and spreading them around you. And your part is to enjoy, nothing else.
  • Essential Oils Candles – You heard that right – these are the conventional candles but are crafted a little bit differently and for a different purpose. Certain essential oils are mixed in the candle wax during the manufacturing process and as the vax starts melting, the aroma starts spreading all around. Enjoy candle-fragrant dinners!

Top Essential Oils to Keep Your Home Fresh and Fragrant

Bergamot Essential Oil

The most common yet funky smells like that of steamed vegetables, grilled meat, trash bin, dishwasher, and fridge mainly belong to your kitchen. These smells slightly slide out of the kitchen and ruin your dream of making your home fresh and fragrant.

Popular as a top note in perfumes, Bergamot essential oil helps overpower all the aforementioned stinks just quickly. The oil’s citrusy yet slightly floral scent not only keeps your home fresh and cleaner but also adds to your life an element of calmness and vigor.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil

The one sharper shooter essential oil is Peppermint to eliminate unpleasant odors. Diffusing this oil will not only replace the loathsome odors but will also fill your home with a refreshing, cool, and energizing mint-like scent. The most interesting thing is that using Peppermint essential oil brings instant results because it can absorb the odors and gets prominent throughout the game.

Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Cinnamon essential oil

You really enjoy the food scent while you’re cooking it. But how would you feel about having the same scent all around your home, for long periods?

Yes, this oil is the extract of your favorite food ingredient, cinnamon, and fills out your home with a spicy, delicious, and invigorating aroma. Prized for its lush aroma, Cinnamon essential oil can also give you something more than its smell – its presence around you can help kill off feelings of fatigue and irritability and promote a calming and peaceful atmosphere.

Cedarwood Essential Oil

Extracted from an aromatic wood, Cedarwood essential oil fills your home with a camphoraceous odor and reminds you of a good aftershave. Essentially, the oil is best known for eliminating pet odors – they’re much more like a family member but can carry pesky odors that linger inside the home for longer than you expect. And these smells make you feel bad and sorry about your beloved pets.

Diffusing the oil around your pet is not only safe for the pet but also helps keep you and the pet calm. Also, the oil packs an extra punch for your pet – topical application may help repel and kill pests dwelling on the pet’s skin.

Essential Oil Blends to Target Different Stink Sources

Essential oils are so easy to use that you can prepare your own customizable DIY best-smelling essential oil blends for a fresh and fragrant home. These blends will help you shoot at the specific odor source whilst keeping the home fresh for longer periods. Here, let’s give you a quick hint of the blends.

Best Lavender Essential Oil Blend for Bathroom Odours

  • Lavender essential oil- 10drops
  • Cinnamon essential oil- 8drops
  • Peppermint essential oil- 9drops

Lavender essential oil is your best bet when it comes to banishing the most offensive odors. This is the only reason why we added Lavender essential oil to combat bathroom odors.

A Blend to Eliminate Laundry Smell

  • Bergamot essential oil- 10drops
  • Peppermint essential oil- 14drops
  • Cedarwood essential oil- 10drops

A Blend to Keep the Pets Odour-free

  • Cedarwood essential oil- 15drops
  • Lavender essential oil- 6drops
  • Eucalyptus essential oil- 6drops


Whether you want it or not, it’s very common to find your home filled with lingering odors now and then. Sometimes it’s hard to find out the main source of that funky smell but once you’ve found the thing the odor is coming from, it’s best to take immediate action and shoot essential oils to the spot. If overcoming odors isn’t your primary goal but just getting a fresh, cleaner, and fragrant home, essential oils are available to meet your desires. You can see nature all around you, you can smell it too!

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